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About Us

Tier 1 Designs

Tier 1 Designs is a small group of designers that are good at what they do but care more about helping small business grow than charging high prices for quality work.

We understand the importance of having a web presence but also not wanting you to have to go through training’s and schooling to have to run your current business and learning web design and online marketing.

Let us handle the heavy lifting of your site. Establishing your online presence as well as increasing your business’ credibility.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide professional quality designs at affordable rates but also to guarantee the satisfaction of each client and having a friendly relationship that builds trust.

Our Story

With over 13 years of experience in the design field T1 Designs has completed over 50 websites, 100 graphic flyers, and a fairly large amount of logos as well. The company has come to fruition once all the work was too much to take on by the CEO and now he has linked up with a group of  individuals in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area with just as much, if not more experience in the design world.

Meet the Team

Write something about the people who make your business go or your philosophy behind customer service.
Why? Because people want to know who they’re doing business with. It’s a human thing.


Antonio “Tone” Chalmers

Founder & CEO

Antonio “Tone” Chalmers has been designing websites and graphics at the young age of 15. 13 years later it has become second nature to him


Questions, Feedback, and inquires

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